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Episode 21 - Pat Dwyer

Episode Summary

In this episode Richard interviews Pat Dwyer and discusses his fascinating career transition from improv comedian to professional keynote speaker.

Episode Notes

Pat Dwyer is an award-winning improv comedian who is also a professional public speaker and facilitator. Earlier in his career, Pat moved to Chicago, where he worked and toured with the world-famous Second City Theater and iO Theater, among others. Now, in his speaking and facilitating roles, he works with organizations to show them how laughter and comedy can improve a company’s profit, culture and daily interactions.  

In this episode, Pat talks to Richard about how, in improv comedy, you have to accept that you will ‘bomb’ a little bit every single time! He describes his impulse reaction of nervously talking way too much when panic sets in. He also describes his career journey from teaching English in Mauritania, West Africa while serving in the United States Peace Corp., to what launched his improv comedy career, and how all of this eventually led to his career right now facilitating public speaking programs that he designs personally.

Pat describes how he’s always wanted to help people and that this has heavily impacted the trajectory his career has followed. He also describes touring to different colleges during his improv comedy career, which taught him about the importance of connecting with the audience. He uses this in his current career as a professional keynote speaker.

Learn more about Pat here.

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