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Episode 25 - Andrew Macadam

Episode Summary

in this episode Richard and Andrew Macadam discuss that awful moment as a public speaker when your mind goes completely blank!

Episode Notes

In this episode, Richard speaks with Andrew Macadam. Andrew is currently the Managing Director for startups in Western Europe at Microsoft. He has also held a myriad of other roles, including being an Evangelist, which at Microsoft means you go out and get people excited about new technologies.

Throughout Andrews diverse roles he has experienced a lot of public speaking. He discusses with Richard that terrible moment most public speakers encounter when their minds go completely blank and how strange it is to realize that the audience doesn’t notice because they interpret that pause as time to think. They discuss the adrenaline rush you experience right before speaking and how your body goes into a serious flight or fight mode. They also delve into what it’s like speaking with different accents and how you have to keep this in mind when performing to different audiences.

Learn more about Andrew here.

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