Fireside with Voxgig for Professional Speakers

Episode 34 - Russ Miles

Episode Summary

Listen in on this week's podcast to hear our guest Russ Miles talk about engaging your audience with stories and weaving a guitar into his talks.

Episode Notes

Russ Miles is a tech and microservices whizz who can define chaos engineering in ninety seconds. He is an international keynote speaker at tech conferences and he is CEO of ChaosIQ, which builds commercial and open source software for companies that are engaged in chaos engineering.

In a lively Fireside Chat with Richard, Russ revealed how he taps into the power of story to captivate his audience. He believes that we learn with our brains, and our brains love stories. When a speaker tells a story, your brain gives you the feeling that you are in that story. That’s why storytelling is so engaging for audiences.

Anyone who has heard Russ Miles speak will know that he likes to break out the guitar and sing his talks, to tunes by ACDC and other rock bands. He told Richard how he began playing his guitar as a way of calming his pre-talk nerves, and how he weaves his guitar playing seamlessly into his talks.

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