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Episode 7 - Dylan Schiemann

Episode Summary

In this episode Richard interviews Dylan Schiemann, the founder of DojoToolkit and an early adopter and proponent of JavaScript and Open Source web technology.

Episode Notes

Dylan Schiemann is a professional conference speaker and the founder of Dojo Toolkit. He is one of those lucky human beings who does not get nervous before talks! He attributes this confidence to his early speaking experiences, which he tells us about in this episode.

Dylan also explains what conference talks, sales discussions and venture capital pitches have in common, and tells us how his own impressive conference talks have helped the success of Dojo Toolkit. He discusses why a speaker's ability to read and adjust to different audiences is key to a successful talk, and why he personally likes to give either one of the first or one of the last talks at a conference.

He also touches on why community is so important to him, and how this led him to start his Javascript meetup, HalfStack, which he still runs today.

Learn more about Dylan here.

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