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Episode 9 - Oscar Santolalla

Episode Summary

In this episode Richard interviews Oscar Santolalla, a fellow public speaking professional with his own public speaking podcast titled 'Time to Shine'!

Episode Notes

Oscar Santolalla has been working in the tech sector for over 10 years. He is currently a sales engineer at Ubisecure. A Peruvian living in Helsinki, Finland, Oscar hosts his own public speaking podcast titled ‘Time to Shine’. He has also authored the book Create and Deliver a Killer Product Demo.

In this episode, Oscar explains how Toastmasters changed his life by allowing him to practice his public speaking in English and to experiment with different topics to engaged audiences that gave honest feedback.

He also discusses how his public speaking career was born when he became a lecturer in telecommunications and information security in Peru. He discusses with Richard the difference between being a lecturer and being a conference speaker, and how—surprisingly—lecturing can be substantially harder. He also imparts the advice that when presenting your speech, it is important to not hide behind too much content or too many slides; simple is always better.

Learn more about Oscar here.

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